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fog cotton tape choc 5m spool-tape, linen, fog linen work, natural, cotton tape, chocolate, 5m, spool
#HLT031-WBRS fog cotton tape choc 5m spool

Beautiful cotton tape, perfect for any craft project whether it be scrapbooking, sewing or wrapping a very special gift. 

Colour: natural & chocolate 

Width: 5mm

Length: 5m

100% cotton 

Fog Linen Work is the creation of Yumiko Sekine. Based in Tokyo, Yumiko works directly with her own factory in Lithuania to create beautiful linen products. The Fog Linen Work collections are designed with typical Japanese aesthetic – retrained, minimal and sophisticated – but are intended for everyday use. As the products are 100% linen they are a good choice in terms of sustainability as no part of the flax plant is wasted during harvest and flax crops use less water and energy than cotton crops.

Price: $7.95



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